Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sign up by May 29th!

The sign-up deadline is May 29th! 

Sign up now for the upcoming CSA season—we still have some spots left for both Wednesday and Saturday pickups. Join us this season!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Memberships Still Open!

The sliding scale application closed on May 15th, but full price memberships are still open until we hit our maximum. Please sign up!

If financial concerns are the only reason keeping you from joining, please do fill out the sliding scale application and get in touch with us at, as we may have some limited discounts available to people who would otherwise qualify for sliding scale.

I'm pleased to say that we've been able to offer the equivalent of 10 veggie half-shares at a subsidized rate thanks to individual members' generosity and a share offered by the farm. It's a great start to the sliding scale program, which we hope to expand if we can get more member donations. I'm particularly happy that we've been able to keep a few dedicated members whose financial circumstances changed over the year and would have had to drop out it not for the sliding scale program. Please contact us to contribute (or select "low income fund" in your sign-up if you haven't enrolled yet for the season)!

-Melissa for the KWT CSA Core Group

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sliding Scale Shares Now Available!

Please apply by May 15th. 

We're very happy to announce that sliding scale shares are now available for low-income community members. You can read more on the Sliding Scale Page and apply online. Please join us!

Sliding scale shares are made possible by the generosity of Garden of Eve Farm and individual CSA members who contributed to the sliding scale fund. If you're a returning CSA member, please consider giving to the fund! And if you didn't give but you changed your mind, drop us a line at

I'd like to share a little bit about the mechanics of sliding scale and how we made the decisions we did this year. The rest of this post is just background information, so please click through above if you're looking for the application!

The core group members have been interested in making our CSA more inclusive. We were inspired by our neighbors at the Flatbush Farm Share that has a sliding scale membership program. For many, the inability to pay up-front is as much a barrier to joining the CSA as the cost of shares. While sliding scale members are committing to the whole season just like other members, they will pay monthly instead. An important point that I'd like to emphasize is that the CSA itself needs to fully fund these shares up front. The farm needs to get paid in advance for the season so they can run their business. We are here to support the farm's sustainable business practices so they can focus on what they do best: keeping us fed with healthy, delicious, organic produce!

So we've established a "rolling fund" that purchases sliding scale members' shares up front and gets repaid by the members monthly. Of course, these members are not paying at the full price rate, but they are replenishing some of the fund's finances over the year. The farm has generously offered to contribute a share equivalent to our efforts, and it's great to have their support.

To put it in numbers, if a share normally cost $100 and we offered a 50% discount to a family, the CSA rolling fund would pay the farm $100 for the share in May, and then get paid back in installments for the $50 discounted rate. The sliding scale fund both covers the up-front cost and the difference between the discounted share and the full-price share. So we need to keep the rolling fund funded with the full value of the sliding scale shares at the beginning of the season. The money you put into the rolling fund does go directly to low-income members, but we need more funds than just covering the discount we're offering.

We're also a small group of volunteer organizers who make this CSA happen (we get paid in veggies!), so we knew we'd need to keep the sliding scale simple this year to get our bearings. For this reason, we haven't been able to accept EBT or online payments. We're not a non-profit, so contributions to the rolling fund aren't tax deductible, but we hope that won't discourage people from contributing. We're optimistic about this year and look forward to being able to connect with more neighbors!

-Melissa for the Core Group

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


A note from the farmers:



From June-November, receive a weekly or biweekly pick-up of 7-9 items grown on our farm, or from other family-owned NYS farms. You must get a vegetable share to participate, with many add-on options for other products available including the following share types:


Pick ups are Wednesday or Saturday.

HOW DO I SIGN UP?Shares can be purchased ONLINE at 

The website has lots more information about the share, as well. 

Email questions to us at 

Thank you for supporting our farm!
Chris and Eve

Monday, November 17, 2014

Final Week of the Season

Last week of the CSA! Who can believe it? Thanks so much to all of our great members for your support. We feel good about the season which brought an unusual amount of bounty, for a very long season. We tried to give out as much produce as you could handle, hopefully you were able to use it all! 

We received our first fall frost on Saturday night which is on the late end of when we usually expect it.  The frost signals the end of the growing season for some things like tomatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, peppers and squash as well as many weeds.  It also helps to enhance the flavor of many other crops like kale, cabbage and carrots.  When these plants get hit with frost they produce sugar to protect them from the winter weather.  It is a real treat to have these vegetables harvested at this late stage of the season, instead of those from grocery stores, which are ripened in warmer growing regions and as a result don’t have as full flavor.

In looking at some of the vegetables we are giving over the past couple of weeks and thinking what went into successfully growing them we can’t help to feel thankful for a great season.  The garlic you are receiving was planted last November and cultivated many times, then harvested in June, cured in July and August and stored in September.  The leeks we sent out last week were started in February and transplanted out in early May. Many will be in the ground all winter and harvested for winter share all winter through, til next May.  Kale was started in the greenhouse in July and planted in the field in early August.  Carrots were direct seeded in July and kept weed free for months so that they could finally be an edible size now.  Onions were started in the greenhouse in February, transplanted in April and then harvested in August and cured on drying racks and then moved to cold storage.  Winter squash was started in the greenhouse in April, transplanted in May, harvested and cured in September and then stored earlier this month.

Past years have ended abruptly with hurricanes or nor’easters or both.  We are thankful for a nice even growing season.  Reflecting back allows us to celebrate in the success of the 2014 season and plan for next year.  Sharing the story of a growing season with you is what makes us different from most farms.  We hope these vegetables make it onto your family’s thanksgiving table and your own connection to our farm adds to your own Thanksgiving celebration!

We’re gearing up for winter shares! Don’t forget to sign up for winter shares at at Riverhead, Roslyn, Glendale,  Bushwick, Williamsburg, or Kensington-Windsor-Terrace, till Nov 20. We are still looking for a Manhattan pick up location. Pick ups close Dec 1 and First pickup is Dec 7

Returning member signups (with the usual returning member discount – you pay 2014 prices for 2015 shares!) will start soon – possibly as soon as next week online for most locations. You can get the returning member discount on your 2015 SUMMER SEASON vegetable share, combo, or vegeholic (there is no discount code for the winter share) by entering the discount code “RETURN WEEKLY” for a weekly/full share, and “RETURN BIWEEKLY” for the biweekly share (other share types had no or minimal cost increases so there is no discount). 

Share items for Nov 19, 22:
1 bunch Kale
sweet potatoes, 3 lb
Potatoes, 1 qt or 2 lbs
Carrots, 1 bu
2 lbs beet root
1 napa or savoy cabbage
Garlic 1 med or 2 small bulbs
2 Onions
.10 lb parsley
2 sprigs sage
One large winter squash

Fruit share: 3.5 lbs apples – some fresh eating and some baking varieties 
Egg share: ½ dozen pastured eggs

See you next year! (or in December!)

Eve Kaplan-Walbrecht
Garden of Eve Organic Farm & Market