Monday, February 10, 2014

Sign up for the 2014 season!

We're thrilled to invite all members of the Kensington/Windsor Terrace community to join us for another fantastic season. You can sign up on the Garden of Eve Farm's website, where you'll find lots of useful information including location, pick up times, prices, and share options.

Please contact us with any questions that aren't answered on the Garden of Eve Farm website. We are planning to continue with the same pick up schedule and location, Saturday mornings and Wednesday afternoon/evenings at the community garden on East 4th Street between Fort Hamilton and Caton Avenue. Although the farm is not able to take payment in installments, we are hoping to offer an installment plan to 1-2 families or individuals this year. Please contact us through if this would enable you to join. The farm does accept payment by credit card through the online payment system.

Last year we sold out of shares, so please sign up early to reserve your spot. Schedule assignments and volunteer sign-up will be available in May.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Share items for Nov 6 & 9

Veggie Share
2 lbs regular OR 1 pint red grape tomatoes
1 lg bunch OR 6 leaves collards
2.5 lb sweet potatoes
.2 lb OR 1 bu cilantro
1 bu broccoli raab
1 bu arugula
.3 lb mesclun OR 1 bag
1 bunch carrots
2 peppers
Small eggplant
garlic, 1 small bulb

Fruit share
3 lbs Jonagold OR red delicious apples 
1 lb Asian Pears or Yalli Pears

Egg share: 
1 FULL dozen pastured eggs – EXTRA EGGS THIS WEEK for everyone due to chickens having laid a lot of eggs!

Cheese share: One of each of the following, from Amazing Real Live Cheese Co:
• Stella Vallis Tomme: .4 Lb
• Chaseholm Camembert wheel
• Basil and Garlic Farmers Cheese 5 oz.

Meat share
1 Garden of Eve-raised chicken

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Share items for Oct 30 & Nov 2

Veggie Share
Tomatoes. 2 lb
Arugula, 1 bu
Potatoes, 2.5 lb
Peppers, 2 peppers
baby bok choi 1-2 heads (great in your stir fry)
Happy Rich (an Asian version of spinach)
Leeks, 1 or 2 stalks
Head lettuce

Fruit share: 
Sekel pears, Asian pears, and apples 

Egg share: 
½ dozen pastured eggs

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Share Items for Oct 23 & 26

Veggie Share
Sweet potatoes 2 lbs
Broccoli 1 head or 1 lb
Chioggia (candy cane striped inside!) beets, 1 bu (Chris says to tell you Emeril says that beet greens are his favorite green)
Tomatoes 1 qt or 2 lb
Kale, 1 bu
Carrots 2 lb
Spinach .75 lb
Yellow wax beans or pole beans .5 lb

Fruit share: 

apples and pears 
2 lb yali pears (a type of Asian pear)
3 lbs apples (Gala or Mutsu – the all green one).

Flower share

last week was the last week of the flower share. See you with flowers in the spring!

Egg Share
½ dozen pastured eggs

Cheese Share

From Consider Bardwell Creamery ( 
Dorset Cheese .5 lb
Manchester Cheese .3 lb. 

A washed-rind, raw Jersey cow cheese. A soft ripening cheese with a rich, buttery texture and seasonally influenced pungency. An elegant appetizer or dessert, often served here in the historic village of Dorset, VT.
Seasonal availability only in 2.5 pound wheels.
Winner American Cheese Society (2008) Winner World Jersey Cheese Awards (2008) World Cheese Championship Winner (2010)

An aged, raw goat peasant tomme. A rustic mountain cheese named for Manchester VT, the gateway to the Green Mountains. This cheese has a nutty and earthy bite. Due to rotational grazing on our pastures and the aging process itself, each batch has a distinct note. A bold addition to any cheese board.
Seasonal availability only in 2.5 pound wheels.
American Cheese Society Winner (2008) World Cheese Championship Winner (2010) American Cheese Society Winner (2011) 100 Great Cheeses - Wine Spectator (2008)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Share items for Oct 16 & 19

Veggie Share
Broccoli 1 head
Sweet potatoes 3 lb
½ lb arugula
Collards 1 bunch
bok choi
small/medium tomatoes 2 lbs
fennel, 1 bulb

Fruit share: 

Sekel pears 2 lb
Niagara grapes 1 lb
Gala apples 3 lbs
apples and possibly other items TBD

Flower share: 
1 bouquet flowers OR potted organically grown hardy fall chrysanthemum
This is the last week of the flower share